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Friday, August 17, 2018
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At 20°C your Koi can eat until the sun goes down, and this why your filters are so important. Whether you paid £4.99 or £400, Koi carp at 20°C are colourful wheelie bins for food.

If you want big fish they need lots of food to attain good growth rate and first class conditions 100% of the time. There are no sort cuts to this. Your entire hobby is based on WATER CONDITION and nothing but the best will do, or you will never see your fish grow and become pets because they will not live long enough.

There's nothing better than a 20" Koi that you bought at 8" two years ago, taking food from the palm of your hand and knowing is all your own work - next best thing is sex!

Filters and fish treatments

Here we have a problem - one the one hand we don't we don't want to kill the biomass that's keeping the fish healthy, on the other we want to add treatment to aid our fishes recovery.

The pond water must be your prime concern. If you kill your biomass off it will not restart like a pump. It may take 6-8 weeks at above 18°C which totally defeats the object. Don't just put air stones in your filter and turn them off, the biomass will die. Filters need moving water all the time, so prior to treatment start the bypass up first check it works OK. If the bypass has not been not used for many weeks or months it may fail and its too late when treatment is in the pond.
Always do a large water change after treatment before restarting the filters and don't feed for a minimum of 5 days.

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Look no further, step by step advanced koi diagnosis and treatments is out now! and will help in your understanding of many of the common and not so common ailments of Koi with step by step comic strip style pictures of how to treat these ailments