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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Ucers are external bacterial infections, bacterial erosions and bacterial sepsis of Koi carp. There no such disease as ulcer disease.

Ulcers the result of a infection and you have to find the infection before you can start any treatment of the ulcers. The wrong treatment such as formalin is like pouring petrol on a fire.
Not all ulsers are on the fish's body.
Aeromonas is the course of most ulcers and bacterial mortality in Koi. This bacteria is linked to other disease conditions such as abdominal dropsy, carp erythrodermatitis, hemmorhagic septicemia, to name but a few, and poor conditions will aid any of these.

There are findings now that aeromonas is not the main invader but a virus known as rhabdovirus carpio, and that aeromonas rides on its back as a secondary infection A so called opportunistic secondary attacker. This occurs when the fish is under stress (poor water). Others think that rhabodovirus is a known-infection and is found by incidental findings. Active immunization I feel is a fairy story.
Resistance and susceptibility depends on the condition of the fish's environment. To enable fish to recover from ulcers you need a check list

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  1. Are fish over crowded


  2. Do you have ammonia present in the pond


  3. Do you have nitrites in the pond


  4. What grade of food have you been feeding. Be honest with yourself if it's been rubbish.


  5. Have you had or do you still have any parasites in infectious numbers


  6. Have you tried to treat with any other treatment other than injection (only injections will work)


  7. How dirty is your pond and filter - don't guess have a look!


  8. You need a water temp above 20°C. Raise the temperature or use a hospital tank running at20°C If you don't, you are wasting your time.


  9. When did the fish last feed or have they been going off there food - think.


  10. Water condition - has the pond gone milky or murky or is it smelly. I've been to ponds and been told yes all is OK, but when I've checked the filter base the smell has made me ill. You need to know all of the above and correct them before any injection treatment begins or your fish will just die no matter how hard you try. The infection you are dealing with has been around for millions of years and it knows all the tricks! Never under rate aeromonas or you will be the loser every time.
    Ulcers mean stress. Look at some of the reasons.
    Parasites result in stress they may carry bacteria into lesions by direct route e.g. flukes are known to carry aeromonas on their hooks.
    Temperatures below 65°F slow down the distribution of antibiotics through the tissues.
    THE main courses of ulcers in Koi carp is poor WATER. A Koi carp's outer skin cut in poor condition whether it be parasites or water, is like pulling a balloon through a holly bush - you know it will burst. The same applies to aeromonas infections. Aeromonas is present in all bodies of water just waiting for the flashing light called stress.

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