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Friday, August 17, 2018
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To be able to check your fish, you should have a microscope or access to one. These photos may help you to identify some common parasites
There are many more such as Ichthyobodo a cool water parasite. We could fill pages on this site with them.
Remember they are caused by stress, including the dreaded water temp 52-56F, water sediments and water quality.

White spot full blown
If you see this amount under your scope take action at once . This is a purely a stress related injection. White Spot has no qualms about killing every fish you have. White Spot can be killed also by warm water but not many of our ponds reach 88F in our summers.
See our white spot page in the Health section of this site.White Spot





Fish Leech
See our fish leech page in the Health section of this site.leech





Dactylogyrus need a temperature of 65F plus is an egg layer so treatment is based over 28 Days. Then Re-Check symptoms high gill rate, scratching.

Oodinium Pillilarus - Velvet Disease
Oodinium not a true parasite is more plant cells known as Velvet Fish has a (Brown - Yellow) dust over the dorsal area.Oodinium




Ichthyophthirius - a swarm spore, also known as asymptornatic spore
Ichthyophthirius (White Spot) a most under rated killer in Koi do not look for white spot on the Fishes Body its mainly in the Gills. Jumping Koi don't jump through pleasure, they jump to rid themselves of the itching, scratching, scales missing & clamed fins.Ichthyophthirius




Trichodina spp. (stained)
Trichodina symptom a greyish slime appears over the fishes surface, flicking fins, scratching, clamped fins, laying on the bottom & off there food.


Childonella spp. (stained)
Childonella symptoms are as above, but can be a problem in cooler water.


Run to end of your cover glass to look for this disease, it shuns the light, moving like shimmering worms on the edge of your scrape or fish tissue. You will need a magnification of around 400 X or better in a saline mount - make saline 6gm pure salt to 100ml pure water.
See our Columnarist page in the Health section of thisColumnaris site.Columnaris









Body / Skin fluke
Body Fluke is a live bearer giving birth to live young does a lot of damage in ponds mainly in the spring time, if left unchecked will kill fish through secondary injections through the damage they have done through scratching.
Fish LouseFish Louse






 Fish louse
Fish louse symptom looks like a small transparent bead on the fish mainly on fin near the head the pectorals. must be dealt with without delay. This is becoming a real problem now - new cases this year up by 60%.Fish LouseFish Louse

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Look no further, step by step advanced koi diagnosis and treatments is out now! and will help in your understanding of many of the common and not so common ailments of Koi with step by step comic strip style pictures of how to treat these ailments