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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Dystocia (Egg Compaction)

The swelling of the abdominal cavity is a problem that can simulate many other form of disease or bacterial infection. Thus to do a symptom list would take up half this web site.

To help with this condition e.g. to help the fish to spawn, and to provide spawning conditions as the majority of koi ponds i.e. an outside fish tank, a black oblong square, 90% of which are void of plants and at least 50% which are heated, which will not allow the stimulation of the fish's hormones with long term static temperatures. This is one of the big problems, and one of the few problems, with a well run koi pond. e.g. dystocia (egg compaction).

The following can be used but are prescription only. I would not recommend them for the amateur, as milking a large female ripe with eggs is nowhere near as easy as the books and magazines would have you believe.
i.e. for breeding fish there are the following treatments:

CPE (Carp Pituitary Extract)

LH-RH (Luteinizing hormone/ Release hormone)

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin


Stimulation of hormones in natural conditions without the use of any of the above requires sudden change of temperature, sudden change of water quality and also the majority of Israeli, Japanese koi are spawned in relatively shallow warm mud ponds. This is something which we cannot simulate in a koi ponds where the attraction is these living jewels against a black background with 100% clear water.

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