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Monday, August 20, 2018
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Cloverleaf 3 Bay F20 Koi Pond Filter

Our Part Number: 29709-psPrice: 166.49Cloverleaf 3 Bay F20 Koi Pond Filter
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Free Postage and Packing to Mainland Uk

Free Postage and Packing to Mainland Uk
Product Details

Free Postage And Packing To Mainland UK

A compact and attractive 3 bay filter in dark green with wooden slatted lid.

Suitable for:
Koi Ponds 4500ltrs/1000gal or Goldfish Ponds 9000ltrs/2000gal

The "F20" model seen here could be expressed as a simple 3 bay unit, with the spraybar discharging into Bay 1 with its mechanical nylon brushes, with the water thereafter upflowing through Bay 3 with its biological "flocore" medium - following which the water downflows into Bay 2 (the central bay) travelling through the 3 layers of foam and the high performance biological "Aquarock" medium before returning to the pond.

The filter comes complete with all media and fittings.
A flushing valve is fitted to allow the accumulated waste at the bottom of the filter to be washed out with ease.
The filter is 24"L x 18"W x 18"H (holds approx 25gall).

A stepped hose allows any size flexi hose to be used for the inlet and the outlet is 50mm (2").

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