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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Anchor Worm

Fish Health - Anchor Worm


Anchor worm is more common in coldwater fish, especially newly imported specimens. Infected fish are vulnerable to secondary infections, such as fungus and heavy infestations can cause weight loss and even death.

Itís the female Anchor Worm which causes the most problems, as males die soon after mating. She attaches herself to the fish, and stays embedded in the body wall, while her egg sacs develop.

The eggs hatch into free-swimming parasites which need to find a host fish within a few days in order to survive.

The pond or tank can then be dosed with one of the appropriate remedies on the market to kill off any juvenile Anchor Worms.

If possible, remove the fish for a week or so while this is being done, as without a suitable host to live on, the free-swimming
parasites will die.

In high infection situations more appropriate treatment is needed.


See our Microscope page for close-ups

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